Gymnic Concept

Movement – Well-being – Prevention – Interaction. These are the concepts which inspire all the Gymnic products, from the fitness tool to the toy. The blueprint of a product joining these concepts was born with the production of the first large size ball, which was named “Gymnic Ball”. From that moment of insight onwards, the wish to pursue the beneficial effects of this tool, by repeating them in a product range which includes different sectors, which are linked by the same guiding principle, has gone ahead.


By carrying on the development of the Gymnic ball, which initially was born for a physiotherapy use only, it is Ledraplastic S.p.A. who invented the Fit-Ball concept and name (registered trademark), which has now become of common use to identify both the fitness ball and the discipline, which was developed and made popular in the USA and has achieved a great success in the 1990’s at world level.



As the beneficial effects of the Gymnic ball with reference to posture have been confirmed, i.e. it fosters the correct posture maintenance and helps the spinal column weight being relieved, the “ball-chair” was born to be used in the primary schools, at home and in the office.



In the office or in the classroom it is not always possible to keep at one’s disposal large size balls. The Movin’ Sit cushion solves this problem by repeating the same beneficial effects of the movement on a ball in an easily-portable small-size cushion.


The Rody horse joins the pure playful experience to the beneficial effects which allow the child to improve balance, coordination, posture and muscle tone since the early childhood, by concentrating in this toy the whole Gymnic “philosophy”.