Gymnic for Pets

Some of the most well-known tools from the Gymnic product range can be used even for the well-being and physiotherapy rehabilitation of our four-legged friends. Some items such as Physio RollDisco Sport, Disco Dome, Disc’o’Sit, Movin’ Sit, Trigger RollJunior StonesMultiactiv Stones are used successfully for veterinary physiotherapy, which is suggested both as preparatory therapy before the surgical intervention and as rehabilitation afterwards.
In addition, besides this typically medical use, the Gymnic products are used also as support for leisure and training, which are aimed at encouraging a healthy movement and at improving the cardiovascular capacity. The large size balls such as the Megaball represent a valid example for the horse training.
The versatility of the Gymnic products is confirmed, thus, as a strong point, in offering a range of applications which is wider and wider. However it must be supported by the high competence of vets and field operators in using correctly and effectively those tools in line with the fixed purposes.