Gymnic Concept


These are the core concepts, which inspire all the Gymnic products, from the fitness tool to the toy. The vision of a product that is able to combine these ideas became reality with the production of the first large size ball, which was indeed called “Gymnic Ball”. From that moment onwards, our purpose was to extend the beneficial effects of this tool to a series of products covering different sectors however still linked to each other by the same guiding principles.

In pursuing the further development of the Gymnic Ball from the original physiotherapy field, Ledraplastic set an important milestone with the invention of the Fit Ball (registered trademark). Its name and the associated concept are nowadays commonly used to identify not only the fitness ball but also the discipline, which started in the USA in the 90’s and has achieved a worldwide success.

Once established the positive effects of the Gymnic Ball in promoting a healthy posture and its correct maintenance by relieving the stress from the spine, the Company presented a new product: the “chair ball” which is successfully used in primary schools, homes and workplaces.

Large size balls are not always ideal in the office or in crowded classrooms due to space reasons. Our Movin’ Sit can perfectly fix the problem providing the same benefic effects of an exercise ball in a small-sized, easy portable cushion.

Our Rody horse represents the whole “Gymnic philosophy” as it combines a unique playtime fun experience with the positive effect on the child’s well-being. Playing with Rody helps improve little one’s coordination, posture as well as muscle tone since the early years.