The Heavymed balls represent an evolution of the classic medicine ball. Available in six different weights, starting from 500 gr up to 5 kg, these balls concentrate their weight in a compact size. They are very popular in fitness and rehab. Filled exclusively with water, their surface allows a good grip. Thanks to the elasticity of the material, our Heavymed balls are safe to use on any kind of floor or surface.

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Product specification

  • Exercise booklet included.

Data sheet

REF. 97.05
Heavymed 500
Size: Ø 10 cm/500 gr
Colour: green
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 12 pcs
EAN: 8001698097053

REF. 97.10
Heavymed 1
Size: Ø 12 cm/1 kg
Colour: red
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 8 pcs
EAN: 8001698097107

REF. 97.20
Heavymed 2
Size: Ø 15 cm/2 kg
Colour: yellow
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 6 pcs
EAN: 8001698097206

REF. 97.30
Heavymed 3
Size: Ø 17 cm/3 kg
Colour: blue
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 4 pcs
EAN: 8001698097305

REF. 97.34
Heavymed 4
Size: Ø 20 cm/4 kg
Colour: magenta
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 2 pcs
EAN: 8001698097343

REF. 97.35
Heavymed 5
Size: Ø 23 cm/5 kg
Colour: orange
Packaging: polybag
Carton: 2 pcs
EAN: 8001698097350

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